The Long Term Care Industry Deserves the Best

Ours is a very specialized industry where one size never fits all. Serving patients whose needs are extremely varied, and supporting nurses and medical personnel of all disciplines, takes more than just degrees and licensing. It takes experience, motivated by a genuine love of people to get it done.

Whatever your role in LTC, the people you care for have better lives because of it.

At Sun Pharmacy, we’ve worked alongside DONs, Administrators, Doctors, and nurses ensuring the best possible care is provided to your residents.

Customized Services

We’ve put together services that step outside the parameters of delivering medications to your facility. We work to assist you in cutting your costs using methods, including, but not limited to, therapeutic interchanges and pharmacy submitted prior authorizations. We offer staff training both onsite and electronically. We help you prepare for your yearly survey. Your designated CCR will visit regularly and help identify issues and resolve problems.

Here are just some of our services:

Looking for something else? Reach out and let us know what you need. We have an incredible respect for the work you do and want to help.