Property Management Support

Protect your assets through reliable partnerships.

Whether your business is a direct owner, or is the company the owner depends on to keep things running smoothly, you have a vested interest in the success of the property. And given the unique needs of long term care facilities, skilled nursing, and assisted living communities, it’s of the utmost importance to their business and yours that your vendors are reliable, competent, compliant, and trustworthy. What’s even better is when they align with your mission and vision for the property, and work to put together programs that best fit the property’s needs.

A Pharmacy Service Provider that Gets it

At Sun Pharmacy, we understand the worries and responsibilities you have toward each property you manage. It’s our goal to build a relationship with you that gives us valuable insight into the particular nuances of each location, your team members, and the minutia of the day to day. That knowledge allows us to serve you well.

Cost Savings

One of those ways is in that we work to protect the property’s assets by doing our part to keep costs down. We proactively search for ways to mitigate costs through our therapeutic interchange program, for example. With this service we look for patient prescriptions that can be substituted by a lower cost medicine that is just as effective, and then work closely with the patient’s doctors to re-evaluate the patient’s pharmaceutical regimen.

State Survey Preparation and Support

We also know what an impact negative marks on the yearly state survey can have on the viability of the business. Which is why your property’s dedicated service rep will get in there prior to the survey, and work alongside nurses and other personnel to ensure they breeze through the survey when the time comes. We schedule monthly audits to keep everything on track, remedying what we can on the spot, and we’ll be there right alongside the team while the state is there. However we can lessen the burden, we will. We’ll let the facility team know what issues we found and resolved, and point them in the direction of other areas they’ll need to jump on themselves. 

When families read through positive survey results, they become more confident in choosing your facility to care for their loved ones. And when safety, security, compliance, disaster preparedness, training, and cost-cutting measures are all part of what we, as your pharmacy service offer, the properties you manage are that much better for it.

How Can We Help?

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