Customer Care Rep

Pharmacy representative dedicated to assist you with any problems that may arise to reduce your stress, allowing you to focus on your residents.

The dedication our Customer Care Reps (CCR) have to your facility’s success is something we are incredibly proud of.

Of course, they don’t go it alone. While they are one point of contact, they have an internal team of professionals backing them up.

Checks and balances are the best way to maintain consistency within your team and ours. So your CCR will work with the nurses on duty the day of our visit, and finish by reviewing our findings with the administration staff such as the DON, Unit Managers, and Administrators.

We do have the ability to fix many things found right on the spot, but if there is something that needs addressed by a particular nurse, we’ll leave a detailed report in writing for them so they can handle what’s necessary at a later time.

As your Liaison between your nursing facility and the pharmacy, you can look to your CCR for things like:

  • In-services related to pharmacy procedures
  • Performance improvement reports
  • Customer site visit summary reports
  • Med cart audits
  • Customer satisfaction

The goals of your facility may change over time. The residents and their pharmaceutical needs certainly do. And your nursing and administrative teams may see faces come and go. And that’s why we believe it’s important for you to have a dedicated CCR out in the field, as well as dedicated personnel within the pharmacy. That way there’s never a need to start from scratch. The relationship we build will allow us the flexibility to evolve right along with you. We know the history and the goals and the challenges as intimately as you do.

And that makes for a perfect collaborative team!

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