Disaster Preparedness

A centralized database that allows us to continue medication service during natural disasters.

The Unpredictability of Mother Nature

Hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, power outages. We understand this can place a burden on your facility.  That’s why we have a plan within the Pharmacy to ensure there is no service interruption during these times of crisis. 

All of our pharmacies are connected by a centralized database, allowing communication even when one pharmacy is adversely affected.

The Unpredictability of Patient Needs

Patients still need their medications, plain and simple. Not only are our servers secure and protected, but each pharmacy has a back-up generator that kicks on the moment there is any kind of power loss.

Working together with our partners and tapping into valuable resources are part of our disaster plan. And each member of our team is trained and practiced in the plan.

Peace of Mind

Regardless of what challenges are thrown our way, our proactive and reactive plans have proven safe and effective. You and your patients can count on us.

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