Cost Savings

As your Pharmacy, we have staff dedicated to identifying the greatest financial value to your facility. 

Every Dollar Counts

At Sun Pharmacy we are acutely aware of the financial burdens and pitfalls in this industry. It’s why we’ve spent over 2 decades developing a unique  program that creates real cost-savings to our clients.

Here’s how it works:

Our dedicated team works hand-in-hand with the insurance companies to submit prior authorizations and identify possible therapeutic interchanges with the goal of ensuring all medications are covered.

Pharmacy Management Portal

We provide our customers with an online proprietary pharmacy management portal.  Within the portal the facility management team can perform numerous actions, including:

  • Pre-Admission pricing.
  • Real-time view of facility expense.
  • Visibility of current and past pharmacy invoices.
  • Real-time view of outstanding prior authorization requests.
  • Ability to view prior authorization forms electronically.
  • Real-time view of covered alternative recommendations.

Additional Cost Savings for Skilled Nursing Facilities

At Sun Pharmacy, we can assist Skilled Nursing Facilities with managing expense for Managed Care and Medicare residents.  We have the capabilities to set up facility/chain specific pricing validation tools. We can also set up clinical and formulary dispensing rules that are specific to your facility.


We provide training via webinar or onsite individual sessions, with a strong focus on resolving non-covered and prior authorization medications, reviewing top OTC medications and options to further decrease expense. We’ll also provide you with trends analysis reports to help identify patterns and possible solutions.

Additional Cost Savings for Assisted Living Facilities

  • Max dollar alerts on covered and non-covered medications.
  • Competitive pricing on OTC medications.

Curious about how we can impact your facility’s bottom line? Get in touch and let us know how we can help.