About Us

Sun Pharmacy Through the Years

Sun Pharmacy has worked tirelessly alongside long-term care communities for over 25 years.  We’ve grown as you’ve grown, evolved with the ever-changing healthcare landscape right alongside you, and made it our purpose to be more than just a pharmacy services provider, but to also be a dependable partner.

From emerging technologies to innovative medication packaging, IV services to daily deliveries, Sun Pharmacy continues to collaborate with clients to develop the most comprehensive tailored pharmacy service.

Our Team

Mark Alspach, PharmD is our Operations Manager, but you’ll see his face out and about at industry events, seminars, and meeting with long term care facility leadership to learn more about their challenges in an effort to customize our support.

Kim Jones, CCR works alongside Mark and those we serve to provide the type of customer care seldom seen elsewhere. Her mindset is one of creative problem-solving and in developing proactive approaches to each facility’s unique needs.